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Professional Wood Cutting Tools – WPW

WPW Engineering is a Leading Manufacturer of Carbide Cutting and Drilling Tools for both Industrial and Hobby.

Our main products are woodworking tools, such as: Router Bits, Countersink Bits and other high quality TCT wood-cutting tools. Our tools are supplied to professional woodworkers as well as for hobbyists worldwide.

Recently, WPW has developed tools for cutting aluminum and composite materials as well.

Carbide Countersink with Depth Stop
TCT Countersink with Simple Depth Control


WPW R&D team is constantly developing new tools using innovative technologies. Most of our ideas start from problematic applications, which require creativity. We provide both effective and economical solutions for the end users. All of our tools are designed for quality cutting and a better surface finish.

Driven by advanced material processing and using the best possible raw materials, our tools have been evolving to have some of the hardest-ever tungsten carbide grades and coatings to achieve clean cuts and longer tool life.

Check out our catalogue for solutions with our Countersink & Stop system, Miniature router bits, unique Template Bits and more.


Professional adjustable countersinks, counterbores, plug cutters, hinge-boring bits and other drilling accessories. Innovative solutions for joining wood with screws – pre-drilling pilot holes and Countersinks for decking and other joinery applications. User-friendly tool designs enable easy control of the holes depth, the drill length and its replacement. Most of the tools are Carbide-Tipped, suitable to work on hard materials.

The tools are designed to work with drill press, hand held drills and portable drills. We offer tools with both round shank and with 1⁄4” (6.3mm) HEX shank for Quick-change systems.

Why Pre-drilling and countersinking prevents wood splitting – to read our article, click on the button. 

Wood Drilling and Countsinking
Wood Drilling & Countersinking
Professional Router Bits Israel Manufacturer
WPW Professional Router Bits - Manufactured in Israel


A comprehensive range of industrial quality Router Bits – Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT), solid carbide and replaceable carbide blades.

This range is the best choice when the quality of the cut and long tool life are the primary factors. It should satisfy most demanding applications in manufacturing and in the woodworking trade.

WPW presents innovative ideas, such as unique designs of tools with 3 and 4 flutes and Up-Shear and Down-Shear designs which maximize the performance of the tools – better surface finish and higher feed rates.


WPW quality carbide tipped router bits have become a world standard for DIY enthusiasts under the Woodpecker brand name. They have been widely copied by many manufacturers.

This line offers a basic assortment of more than 100 router bits, essential for every craftsman and DIY amateur. The tools facilitate renovations, repairs and restoration of furniture. Excellent for building furniture and wood artistry.

Woodpecker router bit set DIY
WPW Router Bits, Essential for Every Craftsman
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