About us

WPW Engineering was established in 1959, and over the years has become a leading manufacturer of carbide cutting tools – Router Bits and high quality tools for woodworking and other industries. Thanks to our experienced workers and constant improvements in our production process, we have achieved high quality, reliability and fast delivery.

The R&D Team at WPW is continuously developing both products for the constantly changing markets’ requirements as well as taylor-made designs for our clients’ specific requests.

During the past few years, we have developed unique tools. Among them – innovative solutions for pre-drilling pilot holes and countersinks for decking screws and other joinery applications based on our well established TCT countersinks.

Leading Manufacturers of Woodworking Tools


Worldwide Marketing & Sales:
WPW exports to North America, Western and Eastern Europe, South Africa, Australia and more.

We have been selling our tools under private labels in the USA for over 40 years. Our tools have a reputation for being of the highest quality and are considered to be among the best tools in the American market. We plan on to continue with this success in Europe and in additional evolving markets.

Next Marketing Objectives:
WPW is looking for new partners / distributors who can help us to make our visions come true, to reach professionals as well as DIY users who deserve better tools.


Main Product Lines:

  • Drilling & Countersinking bits
  • Professional Carbide Router Bits and other industrial cutting tools
  • Woodpecker line – quality carbide tipped router bits

WPW Added Values 

  • Professional quality – tested and approved
  • Comprehensive range of tools
  • Best carbide grades available
  • Creative and experienced engineering team
  • Production with Progressive automation
  • Reliability and fast delivery
  • Reliability, good service and fast delivery

Professional Countersink for Decking

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