WPW offers tools designed for quality cutting, efficiency and long tool life. Compliance with our own specifications is guaranteed by strict quality control used throughout the manufacturing process. Our sophisticated computer controlled machines contribute to this process.
 The quality control system assures us accurate dimensions, concentricity, correct cutting angles, quality of grinding, brazing, etc.

A comprehensive range of industrial quality Router Bits – Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT), solid carbide and replaceable carbide blades. This range should satisfy most demanding applications in manufacturing and in the woodworking trade

WPW presents innovative ideas, such as tools with 3 and 4 flutes. Up-Shear and Down-Shear designs maximize the performance of the tools. The shearing action yields cleaner cuts with less energy and less vibration than the standard straight bits. The helical ground razor-sharp cutting edges provide superior finish and allows higher feed rates.

Driven by advanced material processing and using the best possible raw materials, our tools have been evolving to have some of the hardest-ever tungsten carbide grades and coatings, to achieve longer tool life.

WPW range of professional tools includes most standard and common tools in the market as well as unique designs of tools, which we developed over the years.

Main groups of WPW Router Bits:

  • Straight bits
  • K-Bits (Harder carbide grade)
  • Mortising Bits
  • CNC Up-Shear Bits
  • Template Bits
  • Flush Trim Bits and Laminate Trimmers
  • Bevel Trim Bits
  • Rabbeting Bits
  • Miniature Bearing Bits
  • Panel Pilot Bits
  • Solid Carbide Bits
  • Engraving Bits
  • Grooving bits in different shapes
  • Profiling Bits with Ball Bearing Guide
  • Raised Panel Bits
  • Jointing Router Bits (Tongue and Groove sets, Slotting Cutters, Glue Joint etc.)
  • Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Bits
  • Diamond Bits for cutting Fiberglass & Composite materials